FOTI presentation

Recently, Todd and Shane were invited to present at the Friends of the Industry presentation on the 21st of February, hosted by Thomson Adsett.

Todd and Shane presented to the audience on how they utilise technology such as Laser Scanning and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)/Drone at Land Solution Australia.  Todd captured the interest of attendees with why the operations of drone technology for aerial imagery and surface capture for volume and area calculations offers a unique level of information such as enhancing spatial analysis of a project area.  Shane’s presentation of 3D scanning across varied environments to capture a digital impression of a physical environment gave the audience another prospective to how the highest levels of precise positioning and measuring can be viewed.

Both Todd and Shane enjoyed the opportunity to showcase these selective technologies for the FOTI event, and to meet and mingle with attendees while answering questions.

We wish to thank Thomson Adsett for the supply of some great photos.


Shane Gregory presenting Todd and Shane Shane Gregory with the FARO Review Todd listening to attendee

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