Drone Surveying

Recently, our client required a clever solution to undertake a pre-commencement survey in preparation of civil works for a 1-kilometre multi-lane Road.

InspireOne on site LSA InspireOne landing

Drone Surveying use of an RPAS was the best solution to present to our client with a 3d digital surface created over the extent of the 1-kilometre Road for use as a pre-commencement surface.Todd flying company drone for mapping     Todd completing drone flyover

Before operating our drone (RPAS), Lee and Todd had both completed a Basic RPAS flight and operations training in accordance to CASA regulations, and were qualified to fly the company RPAS competently on-site.  An in-depth flight brief preparation was required and approved before commencing flight.

Recently, Lee and Todd completed the task and delivered a site aerial fly-over where they produced a digital representation and production of aerial imagery for their client.

Todd qualified to fly InspireOne

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