Automated Monitoring at Buranda

Automated Monitoring at Buranda Train Station has begun with additional monitoring located at the nearby Busway and excavation site.

Land Solution Australia on behalf of the principal contractor is operating automated monitoring to a number of different sites i.e. Department of Transport and Main Roads (Translink) Busway, Queensland Rail and excavation works to nearby site at Buranda Train Station.

The Automated Monitoring at Buranda requires Land Solution Australia to manage the complete monitoring solution which includes the full integration of inclinometers, vibration, crack meters and total station displacement sensors in a single data hub managed 24hrs a day by experienced surveyors expertly qualified in precise measurement and spatial data.

This Automated Monitoring project assess risk management to the public and stakeholders.

Automated Monitoring checking monitoring prisms Automated Monitoring DTMR Busway   Automated Monitoring - prism above rail tracks    total-station-monitoring-tracks

Our Automated Monitoring at Buranda now 10 months into the project is still actively monitoring with the Total Station as seen in the far background of the excavation site next to Buranda Train Station.

automated monitoring-in-far-background

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